Ed Adams

Website design & development

Hello, my name is Ed Adams. I make websites. From complex web applications that help you run every aspect of your business, to straight forward websites to get your business on the web, I can do it all. Here you can see some of the projects I'm proud to have been a part of, then learn about me straight from the people I've had the pleasure of working with. I'd like to work with you next. Scroll down to learn more.

We're always impressed by how quick Ed is to get things done. I can honestly say Ed offers the best website services we've ever used - and we've used a few!
Matt, Warwick Boats
I'm very satisfied with the work Ed's done for me. I trust him to know what's best for our site. His ongoing tech support (3 years and counting) has been fantastic.
Rowena, Plakias Panorama
A hardworking developer with the energy and drive to get better with everything he does. I'm very satisfied with the work he's done with us coding designs into HTML.
Jess, DSC

I built my first website in 2008, it wasn't much but it set me on this path. I enjoyed making it and kept making more. I'd create a fictional business or products and build up a website for it. Each one was a bit better than the last and I eventually decided to go freelance and turn making websites into my careeer.

My speciality is front-end development, but I pride myself on offering what I call a "website package", which means you can come to me with just a couple of paragraphs of text and images to start your presence on the web and I can do the rest! Every website you saw above was made by me, either on my own or as a collaboration with a design agency.

I've been doing this for over 7 years and during that time I'm proud of everything I worked on. By far my most popular creation is EA Tumblr Themes, which I made to keep my skills sharp. My themes have been installed on well over 10,000 blogs! Professionally, I've worked on some high-profile websites in affiliation with DSC, including Mumsnet and Women In Sport. Each and every single website I've worked on is one I'm very proud to put my name to.